Independent lens manufacturer Sigma has announced that it will no longer offer lenses for Pentax K-mount cameras. The announcement was made on the Facebook page of Sigma Czech Republic, stating that because of dwindling numbers of Pentax users and company has decided to stop producing Pentax mount lenses. Instead, the post says, Sigma plans to focus more on developing and supporting mirrorless systems, which it believes are ‘the future.’

The post on the Sigma-foto CZ Facebook page, with Facebook's translation

The move will be a blow to Pentax users and will leave them with almost no support for AF lenses from third-party manufacturers as Tamron appears to have practically dropped the mount as well. Pentax itself offers about 14 lenses for its full-frame K1 and K1II cameras, but a much wider collection for the APS-C sensor cameras.

One of the lenses Sigma still offers in the Pentax K mount. Most of the company's newer lenses have not been made available for Pentax users

Sigma’s move away from the Pentax K mount has been confirmed by Sigma Imaging UK. For more information on Sigma see its website.