Some owners of DJI's Mini 2 drone have been reporting issues with the batteries – primarily a discharge problem if they're left in the charging hub or drone. While there isn't any inherent danger, the issue can be a costly one as users will need to replace Mini 2 Intelligent Flight batteries, which retail for $55 USD, more often. The following statement, promising a firmware update, was released in response to the issue:

‘DJI is working on a firmware update for the DJI Mini 2 and its battery system to initiate auto-discharge when batteries are in the drone or charging hub and have not been used recently. When placed in the drone or charging hub, the batteries use a minute amount of charge to maintain vital functions and does not initiate auto-discharge. DJI recommends that batteries are removed from the drone and/or charging hub when batteries need to be stored for a long time even after the firmware update. DJI will update our community when firmware will be available when that information becomes available.’

'It’s a really small issue where the battery doesn’t auto discharge when in the drone/hub. We'll work on a firmware update to fix this but its good practice to remove from drone/hub when being stored for long periods of time,' Patrick Santucci, DJI's Senior Communications Manager, tells DPReview.

A cutaway illustration of the internal components of DJI’s Mini 2 drone.

This isn't the first time DJI has experienced customer outcry with its LiPo batteries. While issues for the Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S haven't been reported yet, the Mavic 2 Pro has had a history of battery issues. 'I’ve now had seven M2Pro batteries go puffy on me, over the years. Normal use, set to discharge after 10 days, never too hot or cold,' says Tony Rappa, a remote pilot at Capture Video and Photo. 'DJI did right by me and replaced 5 of them with no hesitation. I just had to send them photos of the serial numbers and videos showing how puffy they were,' he adds.

Until the latest firmware update is issued for the Mini 2, the best course of action is to not leave batteries in the charging hub or drone.