In hall 4 at Photokina we had the chance to take a closer look at Palette's system of customizable physical controllers for software, which started out as a crowdfunding project but have been available in retail for some time now. The system consists of a core unit with a small display and a range of buttons, dials and sliders that all come with a sturdy aluminum housing and attach to each other magnetically. 

Palette can me made to work with any software but predefined setups are available for Adobe Photohop, Lightroom and other photo and video editing applications. You can switch between functions using buttons, or adjust parameters such as digital exposure compensation, contrast or hue with sliders or dials. Your personal profile can be created in the Palette app. Multiple profiles are supported for different users or workflows and the Palette application can be set to automatically switch profiles when the application focus on your computer changes. The Palette starter kit is available for $199 on the Palette website.