Accessories and lighting manufacturer Fotodiox has introduced a new LED lighting head that it claims is flicker-free and suitable for high speed photography. The LED100WB head comes with a 5600k daylight balance and offers a more consistent color rendition than the company’s previous models. Fotodiox claims the heads have a CRI of >95 and while they only draw 100 watts they deliver dimmable output of more than 400 watts. The heads run cool so are ideal for a wide range of subject matter indoors and out, and will suit both stills and motion photographers.

The company claims the output is flicker-free so frame rates as high as 120fps can be used for slow motion video, and that the bulbs have a life of 30,000 hours. The bulbs can be dimmed via a knob on the top of the housing or by using a wireless remote control. Fotodiox claims that the advantage of using their LED heads over tungsten when dimming is that the LED’s retain their color temperature.

In a change from the company’s previous WA heads, which used a Bowens S mount for accessories, these new WB models take Alien Bee modifiers. The new heads are more compact than the WA heads, but they weigh the same and don’t offer a choice of temperature or power.

The heads are sold on their own with a power adapter, reflector dish, a diffuser sock for the dish and a stand. A three head kit that also features folding softboxes with speed rings and a rolling case that fits the whole kit. The single head costs $299.99 while the 3-head kit costs $999.99.

For more information visit the Fotodiox website.

Press release:

Fotodiox Pro Announces Compact, Powerful LED100WB for High Frame Rate Shooting

Fotodiox Pro, creator and distributor of several lines of specialty solutions for videography, cinematography and photography, has announced the LED100WB: a soft light with powerful luminance for photographers and filmmakers. Built upon Fotodiox Pro’s award-winning LED technology, the LED100WB features a compact form factor and draws a mere 100 watts while outputting the rough equivalent of a 400+ watt Tungsten light. A perfect tool for portraits, tabletop photography, video interviews, short films and even special effects like slow-motion and time-lapse capture, the LED100W is available now as a single light or three-light kit from

“The world is shooting in 4K, and we wanted to create something that would stand up to its amazing creative potential,” says Bohus Blahut, marketing director for Fotodiox Pro. “In addition to already being quite versatile and ready to use right out of the box, the LED100WB is a perfect light for exciting visuals like time-lapse and slow motion. Go ahead and bump frame rates up to 120fps – we've designed the LED100WB to provide powerful, beautiful, uniform soft light, with no flickering.”

The LED100WB features a quick-release front mount compatible with Alien Bee accessories; one simple twist allows the user to mount or remove a whole host of light modification accessories. Each LED100WB comes with a metal reflector, a diffuser and a portable folding 24” Softbox, making it easier than ever to start shooting in seconds. Adding to its great versatility is a decidedly compact form factor – perfect for more creative positioning on a shoot – as well as the option to add barndoors, round and strip softboxes, and creative reflectors to each purchase. For ultimate portability, the three-light kit includes three light stands inside a custom-fit, luggage-style rolling case.

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