Only a few years ago capturing a 360 degree sphere was quite an involved and lengthy process, even more so when recording moving images. In 2016, 360 degree imaging has made it to the consumer level, with affordable 360 degree cameras such as the Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 360 or LG 360 Cam available in abundance. Clearly the web's largest social network does not want to miss out on the trend – after integrating 360 degree videos in its news feed last year, Facebook will now the support of 360 degree photos on mobile and web.

The feature, called '360 Photos,' is expected to arrive within the next few weeks and will allow users to upload and view 360 degree photos in their news feed. Users will be able to view the content by dragging the image with their finger on a mobile screen or by using the mouse on a desktop web browser. Of course there's also the option to use a virtual reality headset, such as the Samsung Gear VR or Facebook's own Oculus Rift, and get an even more immersive experience. 

Facebook supporting the new technology could be an important moment for 360 degree imaging. The ability to share spherical images and videos straight from capture should make this new type of imaging even more popular than it already is. Keep an eye on your news feeds; it's only a matter of time before your friends and contacts will post the first 360 degree photos.

Via: Wired