Your smartphone photos can see the big screen with Photojojo's DIY projector.

If you’re missing the days of slide projectors and arts and crafts, the MacGyvers at Photojojo have a project for you. A quick trip to the dollar store will get you all the tools you need to turn your smartphone into a projector.

Most of the items needed for the projector can be found in a cluttered closet.

Photojojo’s recipe calls for a shoebox, paperclip, magnifying glass, X-acto knife, black tape and matte black paint.

You have to be careful not to allow any gaps around the lens so the image remains clear.

After mounting the magnifying glass’s lens on the shoebox and sealing the gaps with tape, your smartphone images are ready for the big screen.

Adjust your phone's placement in the shoebox until you've found the perfect spot.

Lock your phone's rotation so you can flip it, turn the brightness up to full blast and play with your device’s placement in the shoebox and distance from the wall for the best focus. 

After a few steps, your photos can be projected.

Now you’re ready to set your photo app to slide show mode and enjoy the show.

For Photojojo’s step-by-step instructions, check out their blog