New camera features, 15 themed channels, the ability to restrict Vince views to followers only and other updates are now available for iOS. Android users will see most of these features next week.

With Vine releasing so many updates lately, it seems like it's all Vine, all the time. And, in this case, just in time for the long holiday weekend.

And this isn't just a minor update to Twitter's 6-second video social network, either. New features include a redesigned camera with new grid, focus and ghost tools. Fifteen themed channels have been added, to which you can post from the Explore screen.

We're all familiar with re-gifting, right? Now you can re-Vine other people's video posts to your followers. But if you want your posts to be private, you can do that too by protecting them so they're only visible to your followers. All bets are off, though, if you post them to Facebook or Twitter since they will then be visible on the web.

Want to  know who the rising stars of Vine are? There's a new feature that allows you to do that, too. 

Vine 1.3 is now available for iOS; Vine for Android will be updated with the protected post feature later today. The other features and updates now available for iOS will be rolled out for Android next week. 

Oh, and did we mention that Vine promises even more updates "coming soon," so keep your finger on that update button to keep current.