Some MacBook Pro owners have reported experiencing physical damage to their laptop speakers while using Adobe Premiere Pro. Based on existing reports, the bug appears to impact both Premiere Pro CC 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 users, but the consequences of the problem may ultimately fall on Apple's side, as software shouldn't be able to physically damage hardware speakers.

According to online reports, the problem impacts the new MacBook Pro models and arises while users are editing audio settings. One impacted user reported using Adobe Premiere 2019 and, while adjusting settings, being blasted with 'a loud distorted noise that hurt even my ears.'

The noise allegedly caused the MacBook Pro's speakers to become 'unusable.' Due to the number of components that must be replaced when repairing the damaged speakers, one 2018 MacBook Pro user was quoted a $600 repair fee by an Apple Store Genius Bar in Canada.

The Premiere Pro audio bug has been experienced by at least one user while wearing headphones, but they weren't damaged as a result, according to the user. Adobe allegedly instructed one user to disable the MacBook Pro's microphone within Premiere Pro under the 'Preferences > Audio Hardware > Default Input' menu, but some users report experiencing the audio issue even after troubleshooting.