JPEGmini Pro took this 52MB Hasselblad H5D-100c file and compressed it down to just 15MB in seconds.

JPEGmini—the image compression program that purports to decrease JPEG size by up to 80% without any perceptible loss in quality—just released a major update to their Mac app that they're calling "The 1 Feature Hasselblad Owners Actually Need." That's because the program can now compress images as large as 128MP (the previous limit was 60MP), making it ideal for shrinking down archives of 100MP medium format JPEGs.

The update launched earlier today, and in our brief test it works like a charm. A 100MP sample image downloaded from the Hasselblad website was quickly compressed from 52MB to just 15MB, and you would be hard-pressed to spot the difference between the two versions.

But increased image size capability isn't the only feature added in today's update. JPEGmini also added the ability to export compressed files in a variety of sizes—from preset sizes Small (960 x 720), Medium (1600 x 1200) and Large (2592 x 1944), to custom sizes set by max width, max height, or exact dimensions.

The folder of images that was just compressed will export to a folder named "Resized" in Small, Medium and Large versions.

For now the feature is limited to Mac users, but JPEGmini Pro for PC will get this update soon.

If you have a huge archive of medium format JPEGs lying around and you're looking to save some space, JPEGmini Pro is definitely worth a look. Head over to the company's website to learn more or download a free trial of the software to try for yourself.

The JPEGmini Pro bundle, with Photoshop extension and Lightroom plug-in included, retails for $100.