Sigma has announced the pricing and availability for its upcoming Classic Art Prime Cine and /i Technology-compatible Cine Art Prime PL-mount lenses. These are variants of its Art Cine Prime with simpler coatings for a classic cinema aesthetic. The company plans to release the Classic Art Prime Cine line as a set of 10 lenses in January 2020 for $43,999; these lenses will only be available as part of the full set.

Unlike the Classic Art Prime Cine lenses, the /i Technology-compatible versions will be released for individual purchase in two different batches, the first going up for sale later this month and the second going up for sale in late January 2020. The lenses will be available from authorized dealers.

The /i Technology versions communicate shooting metadata to camera bodies that are compatible with Cooke's communication protocol.

The following /i Technology-compatible lenses will be priced at $3,899 each with availability listed below:

  • 20mm T1.5 (late December 2019)
  • 24mm T1.5 (late December 2019)
  • 28mm T1.5 (late January 2020)
  • 35mm T1.5 (late December 2019)
  • 40mm T1.5 (late January 2020)
  • 50mm T1.5 (late December 2019)
  • 85mm T1.5 (late December 2019)

The remaining three new /i Technology-compatible lenses will be priced at $5,499 each:

  • 14mm T2 (late January 2020)
  • 105mm T1.5 (late January 2020)
  • 135mm T2 (late January 2020)

The movie Top Gun: Maverick scheduled to hit theaters early next year was shot using early versions of Sigma's new FF High Speed Prime /i Technology-compatible lens, according to the company. As the name indicates, these lenses are compatible with the /i Technology communication protocol from Cooke Optics.