The long-awaited 'Firmware Update Version 2.0' for Panasonic's GH5 is officially live today. The update was teased when the camera was first unveiled, and more details about the update were released in August. But even then, the official release date was a mystery. We only knew that it would drop at 'the end of September.'

Well, it turns out 'the end of September' meant today: September 27th, 2017.

If you own a GH5 you'll want to head to Panasonic's support website and download this firmware update ASAP. You can get a full breakdown of the features this update adds or improves upon here, but here's a quick list of the most prominent boosts:

  • 400Mbps All-I compression options in 4K (200Mbps in 1080)
  • Higher resolution 4:3 video capture for shooting with anamorphic lenses
  • Hybrid Log Gamma shooting mode (HDR TV-ready Log shooting)
  • More responsive autofocus, especially in 24p video shooting
  • USB-based tethered shooting option with free Mac/Win software
  • Additional Stabilization mode steadier hand-held video
  • Improvements to 6K and 4K Photo modes

Grab the free update for yourself at this link, and be sure to check out our full Firmware Version 2.0 feature breakdown while your camera updates:

GH5 Firmware 2.0 Feature Breakdown