DxO announced that it has added a full Raw processing workflow to its iPhone-connected DxO ONE camera. Taking advantage of Raw image support in iOS 10, the update provides one-touch transfer of DxO ONE Raw files to the iOS photo library, from which images can be processed or shared.

Additionally, the company has introduced new Raw files that save an average of 30% space, improved responsiveness and boot time, faster application startup, full remote control of the camera using a direct Wi-Fi connection and a smart lighting feature to enhance dynamic range in difficult lighting situations.

A free update to the DxO ONE iOS app (v2.1) will be available in November, however the company did not provide a specific date. Update: the app is now available in the App Store.

Press release:

DxO ONE 2.1 update integrates full RAW processing workflow in an iPhone environment

DxO ONE update makes mobile an option for demanding photographers

PARIS—November 10, 2016—DxO, pioneer in digital imaging technologies, announces a major update to its award-winning DxO ONE miniaturized camera that lets demanding photographers take their mobile image making to the next level. Less than three months after the release of a 2.0 update that brought Wi-Fi as a new feature, DxO continues to extend the use of its pro-quality camera by introducing the world’s first seamless RAW workflow, direct from the DxO ONE to your iPhone or iPad. The version 2.1 update takes full advantage of RAW support in iOS 10, enabling a one-touch transfer of DxO ONE RAW files to the iOS Photos library where they can be processed on-the-go. Available to all DxO ONE users free of charge, the update also enables direct Wi-Fi remote control, and adds other performance boosting enhancements.

The DxO ONE camera revolutionized mobile photography by being the first to combine a large, high- resolution sensor and fast, razor-sharp lens in a miniaturized design that pairs directly with the iPhone or iPad. From the start, the DxO ONE has allowed photographers to store images in the RAW file format, which offers superior quality over JPEGs and considerable flexibility. Until now, post processing of RAW images necessitated they first be imported to a desktop computer. With this latest update, the DxO ONE camera can seamlessly transfer RAW photos direct to the iPhone where they can be further enhanced by Google Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, and other popular iOS photo editing applications that have embraced support for mobile RAW image processing.

“I prefer to capture in RAW, because it gives me enhanced dynamic range, which is especially useful in bringing back details in blown highlights and deep shadows,” said professional photographer Camilla Ferrari. “Thanks to new developments by Apple and DxO, I’m now able to transfer RAW images from my DxO ONE camera right to my iPhone with a single tap, where I can process them in Adobe Lightroom Mobile and other iOS apps while I’m still on location. Welcome to the future!”

To further streamline the new mobile RAW workflow, DxO has introduced a lighter and faster recording speed for RAW files, which squeezes an average of 30% more storage space out of existing microSD cards. Overall responsiveness has also been improved, with a faster boot time for the camera, quicker application start-up, and improvements to the loading speed of the photo gallery.

The update also adds a number of other enhancements to the user experience, including a direct Wi- Fi connection that provides full remote control over the DxO ONE camera even when no existing Wi- Fi network is available. Version 2 also added a host of innovative features further extending the many uses for the DxO ONE, including the ability to tap into the Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is already logged into for remote control in-home or in-office, and a Mobile Smart Lighting feature designed to dramatically enhance the dynamic range of photos taken in tricky lighting situations. DxO also recently introduced a complete ecosystem of accessories, including a waterproof outdoor shell, ultra- compact stand and optical adapters, all intended to let photographers take their DxO ONE absolutely anywhere, without restrictions, to extend their creativity even further.

Pricing & Availability

The DxO ONE Miniaturized Pro Quality Connected Camera for iPhone® and iPad® is available for purchase at dxo.com, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target and other respected retailers for $499 (US).

The DxO ONE 2.1 iOS app and companion Apple Watch® app will be made available in November as free software updates via the iTunes App Store®. Every DxO ONE user is invited to download DxO Connect for Mac/PC, or on Mac DxO OpticsPro for Photos – DxO ONE camera only, both of which harness the power of the DxO OpticsPro photo engine designed to make your best photos look even better.