Rumors of the death of the Zeiss project to introduce a full-frame compact camera appear to have been exaggerated if Adobe’s latest Camera Raw update is anything to go by. Sitting at the bottom of the list of new cameras supported by version 12.1 of the application is the Zeiss ZX1 and the DNG raw file type it will use.

The Android-based camera will offer in-camera RAW processing via an on-board version of Adobe’s Lightroom, which will allow users will be able to edit and share their images to email and social media directly from the camera. The full-frame sensor will have 37.4 million pixels and will be serviced by a 35mm F2 Distagon lens.

The camera was announced at Photokina in September 2018, but the company has been incredibly quiet about progress since the camera was shown at CP+ in February, to the extent that some commentators have suspected the camera would never become a reality. Inclusion on Adobe’s list of newly supported cameras though suggests otherwise, and even that the ZX1 may be almost ready to ship.

Other new models supported by Camera Raw 12.1 include Leica’s already released SL2, Canon’s EOS Ra and M200, the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL, the Nikon Z50, Sigma fp and Sony’s a9 II. For more information see the Adobe Camera Raw web page.