The newly launched OnePlus 5 has been updated to Oxygen OS version 4.5.2, gaining a variety of bug fixes and optimizations, including to the camera. The update is being delivered to handset owners who got their hands on a device early over-the-air. Anyone purchasing a phone starting tomorrow will find the latest OS already installed. Though OnePlus details the phone elements that are improved by the update, it doesn't go into any details about how they're optimized.

The OnePlus 5, like some other recent flagship smartphones, features a dual-camera comprising one 16MP and one 20MP camera. According to the Oxygen OS 4.5.2 changelog, the camera has been 'optimized', though no details are provided. The update also brings improved network, Bluetooth, and system stability, as well as better compatibility with third-party apps. The update also fixes the app installation issue that some users experienced and the system update failure bug.

Via: Android Central