Ken Dono, who runs the popular OriginaldoBo channel on YouTube, felt reviewers didn't thoroughly test out the stabilization of Google's Pixel 6 Pro Android smartphone. So, instead of walking around or hopping on a skateboard, he strapped it to a drone and tested the feature out himself. 'I was thinking these phones are so good now and thought wouldn’t it be amazing if one day we had one camera to rule them all and just sent it,' Dono tells DPReview.

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The model in question? An Apex FPV frame. The Pixel 6 Pro has pretty common dimensions for a larger smartphone at 6.5 x 3.0 x 0.4 inches. It weighs 7.4 ounces. Dono attached the smartphone to a standard adapter, mounted on top of the drone. He then set the lens to wide mode and the stabilization to 'normal' before taking off. Even though the drone veers left and right, through tree branches, and makes several sharp turns, the footage, shot at 1080p/30p resolution, comes out incredibly smooth in the five-minute clip. 'The stabilization is so damn good on it,' Dono adds.

Ken doesn't recommend you try this out yourself. But if you do, because 'you only live once,' you might want to get a protective case for the Pixel 6 Pro as it's made almost entirely of glass. A fall from a drone, or a few feet up while walking, even, would likely cause severe damage.