A one-of-a-kind Birns and Sawyer Omnitar 1000mm f/4.5 lens commissioned by NASA in 1964 will soon be available to purchase through RR Auction. The lens is owned by Jim Headley, who introduced it to the public via Shutterbug. According to Headley, the lens weighs 70lbs / 32kg and measures 4ft / 1.2m in length by 10in / 25cm in diameter.

The super telephoto lens was built by Astra in Germany, and was acquired by Headley through a close friend after that friend closed down his camera store. Headly says on his website that he adapted the lens to work with a Canon EOS 40D, ‘effectively making this a 1600mm f:4.5 lens with the digital crop.’ The lens still features a pair of NASA identification tags, as well as a 'trash can-sized' lens shade. 

Headley plans to part with the giant lens, telling Shutterbug that it will be sold through an auction this fall by RR Auction in New Hampshire. Interested potential buyers can contact Jonathan Siefken at (603) 732-4280 for additional details.