This photo, released yesterday by HTC on its Facebook page, presumably shows its latest smartphone. 

HTC is teasing mobile fans with a photo of its soon-to-be-released device posted on the company's Facebook page. The latest smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer is rumored to have a 13-megapixel camera with a 1920x1080 pixel, 4.7-inch display. The same rumor sources claim it will run Android 4.2 and have 32GB of storage as well as a microSD card slot and a quad-core processor.

Much has also been made about new so-called "ultrapixel" imaging technology expected on the device—an innovation that we explored last week.

The smartphone will officially be announced on Tuesday and is not yet named, but several reports have suggested it will be labeled the HTC M7 or HTC One.

HTC has also shared a super close-up photo of an eye with some inlaid hyper-tech imagery and the 19-2-13 release date floating in it. The image leaves much to interpretation—many are hoping that it is alluding to new imaging technology. You can keep up with HTC's teases on its Facebook page.