OWC has introduced its new Akitio Node Titan, an eGPU enclosure for use with laptops and non-upgradable desktops like the Mac Mini. The model features a Thunderbolt 3 port capable of speeds up to 40Gb/s, as well as a 650-watt power supply for the graphics cards and up to 85 watts for charging a connected laptop.

The OWC Akitio Node Titan features thumb screws that provide access to the eGPU's interior without using tools. The device likewise supports double-width graphics cards and plug-and-play use with Windows and macOS computers. The enclosure also features a retractable handle for easily carrying the device.

External GPU units have become increasingly popular among gamers and creators who need greater graphics capabilities at certain times but without the cost of an overall more powerful desktop or laptop computer. In addition to offering more graphics processing power for photographers, filmmakers and graphic artists, the enclosure also features a DisplayPort for use with VR headsets.

Additional details about the Akitio Node Titan, including its price, aren't yet available. OWC plans to release the eGPU enclosure in the first quarter of 2020.