If you find your biceps bursting through the arm of your shirt at the end of a day’s video shoot you might be glad of something to make your gimbal feel a little less heavy. A project about to be launched on Kickstarter claims to have the answer – GimbalGun.

GimbalGun is a support system that aims to take the weight of a gimbal and associated accessories off the operator’s arm and onto his or her shoulder and upper back. The device consists of a long metal box to which a single-handed gimbal can be mounted and a shoulder strap that helps redistribute the weight of the gimbal and camera. GimbalGun has a number of 1/4in thread holes that allow monitors, microphones, tripods and a host of other accessories to be attached as well, so the whole set-up can be supported on the same system.

The manufacturer claims that GimbalGun lets videographers shoot longer without getting tired, and that it also provides the means to mount monitors and microphones in more effective positions than when they are simply attached to the gimbal handle. Users can choose whether to suspend the GimbleGun from a shoulder using the strap, or to mount it on the shoulder like a bazooka.

The device is made from lightweight aluminium alloy and is hollow, but it is also quite big and must add a significant weight itself to any videographer’s kit. Sample footage is available for inspection on the GimbleGun website…that was shot while the videographer drank a coffee with his spare hand.

The Kickstarter page is in draft mode and the campaign hasn’t started yet, but you can see more information there. It looks as though GimbalGun will cost $200, but discounts will be available for early-bird supporters.

Disclaimer: Remember to do your research with any crowdfunding project. DPReview does its best to share only the projects that look legitimate and come from reliable creators, but as with any crowdfunded campaign, there's always the risk of the product or service never coming to fruition