PolarPro has released LiteChaser Pro, a mobile filter system for Apple's latest iPhone devices. The kits, designed for compatibility with the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max, offer a range of products that includes a line of neutralizing and polarizing filters, a filter and grip.

'Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone 11 in September 2019, the goal was to develop a
complete creative system worthy of replacing your DSLR/Mirrorless camera and help
transform your iPhone 11 into the ‘A’ camera. Whether vlogging your travels or even
producing your own short film; and PolarPro met that goal with the introduction of the
LiteChaser Pro system,' said Jeff Overall, Founder and CEO of, PolarPro 'In the end,
the outcome is a complete creative system built specifically for mobile filmmakers and
photographers to deliver shots never before possible on iPhone.'

These are the filters created for the LightChaser Pro system:

ND8 (3-Stop) & ND64 (6-Stop)

These filters were designed to ensure you have the correct shutter speed to achieve more
cinematic looking footage.

Variable (3-5 stop)

This aluminum-framed variable neutral density filter is engineered specifically for mobile
filmmakers to lower shutter speeds to cinematic levels. Laser-etched stop indicators inform you of how much light you are reducing within the preset 3-5 range. The controlled stop range reduces cross-polarization on the two longer lenses.

Circular Polarizer

This filter helps capture deeper colors and reduce glare, reflections, and haze from your photos. Rotatable so you can control its effect based on your composition.

The LiteChaser Pro Case is made of rubber, has a reinforced frame, and an aluminum filter mount that is compatible with the range of circular, variable, and neutral density filters listed above. The Grip includes two 1⁄4”-20 thread mounts for a mobile tripod mount with features that allow you to add a light or mic. A rail system includes two 1⁄4”-20 thread mounts for a mobile tripod mount with features that allow you to add a light or mic. The rail system also adjusts to hand sizes and allows switches between landscape and portrait modes.

Launch pricing for kits is available for a limited time.

Photography Kit (Case, Grip, CP) Reg. - $119.99 | Launch - $99
Filmmaker Kit (Case, Grip, VND) Reg. - $149.99 | Launch - $119
Essential Kit (Case, Grip) Reg. - $69.99 | Launch $59
Circular Polarizer - $49.99
Variable ND 3-5 Stop - $89.99
Pre-orders are open now and shipping begins on March 28th.