Skylum has announced Luminar Flex, a new plugin that enables photographers to leverage Luminar's features while using editing software from other companies. Luminar Flex joins Luminar 3 to offer the company's AI-powered features, including Accent AI and AI Sky Enhancer, as well as Looks, Foliage Enhancer, Details Enhancer and more.

In addition to offering the Luminar array of AI-powered features, the Luminar Flex plugin also brings Workspaces, the collections of filters designed for different types of photography. Skylum has introduced a new set of Workspaces specifically for Flex users, including Drone & Aerial, Film Lab, Expert, Black & White, Image Aware, Intensify, Relight and Color and Portrait.

The Luminar Flex plugin supports Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom Classic, and Photos for macOS.

For Lightroom users, Luminar Flex brings support for Layers and Blending modes, enabling users to apply filters to layers, and both filters and textures to blending modes. Luminar Flex supports Smart Objects in Photoshop, as well. Ultimately, Skylum says it recommends Luminar Flex to photographers who want access to Luminar's features as part of their existing workflow rather than transitioning to Luminar 3.

Skylum has given Luminar Flex its own development roadmap separate from the existing Luminar product. Both existing Luminar 3 and Luminar 2018 product owners will get Luminar Flex for free in their accounts starting April 4. For everyone else, the new plugin costs $59 / €59 / £54.