Do you ever wonder just how 'Instagram-worthy' your latest photo is? If so, you might want to check out this chatbot. The team at BBC Tomorrow’s World have built a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to tell you just how much potential your photo has in terms of attracting likes and comments.

The free Messenger is available for Facebook Messenger and ties directly into your Instagram account. After you’ve granted it permission to access your Instagram content, it’ll ask you to upload the next photo you plan on posting. Once it’s been uploaded, the Tomorrow’s World chatbot will take roughly five to ten minutes to analyze the image, taking into account the colors, composition, and even landmarks that may be in the image.

As it crunches the pixels—which can take upwards of fifteen minutes—the chatbot provides little nuggets of information on how you can make the most of Instagram. For example, it let us know that blue is a popular color on Instagram, due to its ability to ‘evoke feelings of serenity and calmness.’ It also informed us that ‘breakfast’ is the most popular hashtag on Instagram... which was news to us.

Once your image analysis is complete, you'll get a notification and be shown a video that breaks down multiple components of your photos, scoring each section along the way. It grades the image based on color, the emotions the bot believes the snap will evoke, any landmarks that might be in the image, features within the image, and your Instagram following as a whole.

To test the chatbot, we used an image from the Lamborghini Huracan camera car article yesterday. It scored a +94. Not bad considering it received zeroes in emotions and landmarks.

Would we replace the judgement of our own two eyes with this chatbot to curate our Instagram feed? No chance. But it’s still fun to take it for a spin and see what the BBC's 'artificial intelligence algorithm' thinks of various images we throw at it.

To take the BBC Tomorrow’s World for a spin, head on over to the chatbot’s page and get it installed.