Chinese accessories and optics manufacturer TTartisan has revealed its new Leica M-mount to Sony E-mount adapter. What’s unique about this adapter is the inclusion of a little rotary dial on the barrel of the adapter that lets you select the focal length of the attached M-mount lens so that information can then be transferred to the Sony E-mount camera for improved in-body image stabilization support and EXIF data.

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Many M-mount lenses lack contacts for transmitting any kind of metadata to the camera bodies they’re attached to—be it an M-mount camera or adapted camera— so TTartisan has taken it upon itself to pre-encode a set of common focal lengths into its new adapter, which can then be selected by the user via a rotary dial when a lens is attached.

It’s unclear at this time what exact range of focal lengths are included, but based on the hands-on image, shared by TTartisan and embedded above, it tops out with a 135mm option and from there drops to 90mm. It’s probably safe to assume both 50mm and 35mm options are available, but we’ve contacted TTartisan to confirm all of the pre-set focal lengths. The adapter also has a 6-bit reader, which should be able to automatically detect 6-bit coded lenses, as Leica's official M-mount to L-mount adapter does.

By pre-encoding this information, TTartisan has made it so the camera body will record the focal length of the lens attached to put with the image metadata. This information can also be used by the in-body image stabilization on compatible Sony E-mount camera bodies, which should, at least in theory, provide more accurate compensation.

No availability or pricing information is available at this time. We will update this article when TTartisan confirms these details.