Kodak Alaris has revealed plans to ship its revived Ektachrome product in 120 format and sheet film variants later this year. The revelation was made by Kodak Alaris UK Quality Manager Andy Church on the Sunny 16 podcast last week (approx. 16 minute mark), during which he stated that the new products may launch in around three months, depending on production.

Kodak began shipping its new Ektachrome E100 film product globally in September 2018, followed by the Ektachrome 7294 Reversal Film in Super 8 format in October. The company previously indicated it would likely launch the E100 product in 120 format and sheet sizes, something it is now actively working on due to the 35mm product's success.

The company must deal with some 'technical hurdles,' according to Thomas J. Mooney, Kodak Alaris's film capture business manager who spoke with Kosmo Foto. According to Mooney, 'Based on the very favourable response to our 135 format launch of Ektachrome E100, we recognise there is definitely a market need/demand for these additional formats, and activity is now underway.'

Church breaks down the technical issue during the podcast, stating the 120 format and sheet film require 'slight adjustments' to the formula. The company has 'started having some pilot coatings and as things progress we're going towards a more production-scale coating,' Church explained.

Assuming everything proceeds smoothly, Church estimated the products may arrive in around three months, while Mooney provided 'mid-summer' as the company's estimation.