Sony's RX100-series has always been a capable machine for video as well as stills, and the Mark V version is no exception. With the addition of phase-detection autofocus and oversampled 4K footage, we've been impressed with what we've seen so far. In this video, you'll be able to check out 4K footage, 1080p footage (scaled to 4K), high frame rate footage, and more. Note that for the image stabilization demo, no attempt was made to smooth the camera motion - just normal walking with a camera out in front.

The only adjustments applied in post were to conform the higher frame rate clips to 30p, and to upscale as necessary to fill the frame (there is no change in crop-factor when going to 1080p as long as you haven't enabled active or intelligent active IS, the shift in the fountain shot was just a reframing of the camera on our tripod). Otherwise, all clips are straight-out-of-camera.

Click here to download the clip for yourself.