Twitter's app now lets you swipe between the "news," "discover," and "activity" tabs.

Actors, politicians and other public figures will have to find a different way to embarrass themselves. Twitter is now letting users send photos in direct messages, so please no more "I thought it was a private message" snafus, Congressman Weiner.

Twitter is taking a page out of Snapchat's book, allowing users to securely and privately send each other photos as well as short messages inside the service's app and website. But unlike Snapchat, Twitter's missives are permanent.

Before this update, if you wanted to privately send a photo, you had to upload the image onto a hosting site and paste the link into your direct message, but now you can just upload the photo straight into the message.

Additionally, users can now easily access the direct messages tab inside the app. A "messages" icon now sits on the bottom dock of the app instead of hiding behind a couple of gestures. Other user interface changes include fast swiping between the "news," "discover," and "activity" tabs.

Read Twitter's official announcement here.