Magic Lantern, the free software add-on for some Canon cameras, may one day offer in-camera DNG shooting, at least per a proof-of-concept that has appeared on the company's forums. The proof-of-concept comes from forum administrator ‘a1ex,’ who details a way in which he got Magic Lantern to produce an in-camera lossless 14-bit DNG file that Adobe’s dng_validate accepts. Although most high-end Canon cameras shoot Raw, files are recorded in Canon's proprietary .CRW and .CR2 formats.

This proof-of-concept is not a feature currently offered by Magic Lantern, so current users will not be able to access it, and there is no indication at this time whether the software will ever add this feature.

Magic Lantern forum user 'Danne' went on to provide sample DNG images taken using this encoder mod; a direct download is available here.

Via: PetaPixel