Action cameras and compatible underwater housings have been available for any budget for years but now Danish company Paralenz is taking a new approach by designing an action cam specifically for underwater use by scuba divers.

The Paralenz can go to 200 metres depth without any additional housing and automatically corrects color, using a pressure sensor to detect the depth you’re diving at. Conventional action cams typically require the use of filters to correct for underwater light conditions.

In addition the Paralenz can act as a dive computer. The camera logs your dive, and an accompanying app then generates a dive profile with photos and videos registered at the time and depth they were taken at. The camera can capture 8MP still images or 1080p 30fps video recording for 3.5 hours and 4K footage for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Images are stored on a 128GB microSD card. The Paralenz underwater action cam can now be ordered for €649 ($600 in the US) on the Paralenz website.