Last week we wrote about the Unfade app that lets you to scan and restore old photos using an iPhone. One of Unfade's downsides, depending on your personal preference, is its simplistic approach that uses an almost fully automated process and hardly allows for any user input. The good news is that there are alternatives for those who want a little more control and efficiency.

One of them is Photomyne. The app is currently available for iOS, with an Android version to be released in the near future. Its main advantage over Unfade is the ability to scan more than one print at once, allowing for faster throughput. You can simply lay out several prints on a desk or scan directly out of an album. Of course this means reduced scanning resolution compared to Unfade's one-print-at-a-time approach, but most users of this kind of app can probably live with the image quality. 

Once images have been scanned, Photomyne gives a few more retouching and restoring options than Unfade and sharing features are on board as well. A 'discover' feature lets you see other users' scanned images in an Instagram-like image feed, as long as they have decided to make them public. Collaborative albums and cloud-only backup are currently in the development pipeline. Photomyme comes in several variants: you can either install a free version that lets you pay per session via in-app purchase, or a paid version for $5 that gives you a range of basic features. On top of that there is a $12 per year premium plan that includes unlimited saves, backup and access to your scans from desktop computers.