The massive touchscreen 'horizontal smart workspace' Dell unveiled during CES 2017 is now available to purchase, and a little bit cheaper than expected, at least for now.

Called the Dell Canvas, this 27-inch display is designed specifically for artists and other creatives who need a large visual workspace in which to edit photos, create graphics, or digitally paint. While Canvas resembles Microsoft's alternative, the Surface Studio, Dell's product is merely a very large display, meaning buyers will need to buy a PC separately to connect to the display.

Dell Canvas features a massive 27" QHD Adobe RGB touch screen designed to rest horizontally on a desk. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass with an anti-glare surface. Joining the display is a pen with multiple tip options for simulating various textures—combine this pen with a total lack of input lag and you get an experience that Dell says is "as close to sketching on paper as possible."

Also available with the Canvas is a totem (knob) for accessing software menus quickly with the user's free hand. The totem can be positioned wherever is most comfortable on the screen, and it can be used alongside a second totem if desired. As for Canvas itself, users can optionally prop the display up into 'Draftsman' mode via a built-in kickstand. The kickstand can be extended in 10-degree increments up to 80-degrees.

Canvas is available now from Dell's website, where it currently starts at $1,800 thanks to a discount promotion (MSRP is $2,000). Dell offers the display with an optional VESA mount (+$200) or articulating stand (+$500), as well.