Mobile photography company Moment has launched a new 37mm Cine filter set for smartphones, including a compatible mount. Though Moment already offered a series of filters, those products were designed for the company's mobile lenses. The new 37mm Cine filter set, however, is made for use with a phone's camera using its native lenses.

The new filter mount is designed for use with Moment's existing smartphone cases for iPhone, Pixel, OnePlus, and Galaxy models. Users who don't already have a Moment phone case can order the new 37mm Cine filters and mount in a bundle that features a phone case, 37mm ND filter and 37mm CPL filter. This bundle costs $99.96 USD.

The new 37mm Cine CPL phone filter set is available with the mount and CPL filter for $49.98 USD, plus there's a 37mm Cine ND filter set with the mount and ND filter for $39.98 USD. Both new filters are scratch-resistant and feature hydrophobic, anti-static, anti-reflective, color-corrective coatings.

The filter mount will work with any 37mm filters and the filters with any lenses with a 37mm filter thread, according to the company. The entire 37mm Cine filters and mount line is available now from Moment.