This is the Manual Cam user interface with all shooting parameters displayed.
The dial in the bottom corner is used to modify all parameters and works swiftly.

From a mobile photography perspective, developer access to camera exposure and focus settings was arguably the most important new addition in Apple's latest mobile operating system version, iOS 8. The move has caused some hectic activity among developers, and some of the most popular third party camera apps, such as ProCamera or Camera+, were swiftly updated after the iOS 8 launch to make use of the newly gained controls.

Not only were existing apps updated, the changes to the operating system have also made possible the introduction of a few brand new camera apps. Last week we wrote about the "Manual" app which puts manual control at the center of the user experience. Manual Cam by Lofopi is another brand new app but, despite the confusingly similar name, offers a slightly different concept to Manual. You get the same manual control over ISO, shutter speed, focus and white balance but there are also a few more features to play with.

Manual Cam also offers a range of effect filters.
You can pick a white balance preset or dial in the color temperature manually.

My favorite control in the Manual Cam user interface is the exposure compensation. It offers a user-friendly and responsive way of altering exposure for your needs. If you prefer even more control over your parameters, tap on one of the settings buttons and the dial turns into a shutter speed, ISO or white balance dial respectively. Double-tap on the live view image and exposure is locked to the focus point again with the option to dial in exposure compensation. This looks like one of the best implementations of manual control on the iPhone we have seen so far.

There is no video mode but useful still photography features include a self-timer, optional framing grid, square mode and a set of filters. The latter won't knock your socks off if you are already using other filter apps but a few extra options can't do any harm either. Manual App also gives you some control over the shooting information you want to see displayed and you can choose between a dark or light themed user interface. Manual Cam is available for download now in the App Store for US$1.99.