The GoPro HERO9 Black is here, with a tweaked design and improved specifications for getting more out of your action photos and video.

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The new device retains an overall design similar to its HERO8 predecessor, but has a few new tricks up its sleeve. First off, the HERO9 Black is slightly wider — 4.7mm to be precise — than its HERO8 Black predecessor, likely due to the new front-facing live-view screen on the front of the action cam.

The HERO9 Black also features a removable wider-angle lens that can be swapped out for the new ‘Max Lens Mod’ that makes the field-of-view even wider for photos and videos (155º). When attached, the Max Lens Mod also offers GoPro’s Max Hypersmooth stabilization (limited to 2.7K60p), Max SuperView and Max Timewarp, which appear to be tweaked versions of the more standard versions, designed specifically with the wider-angle lens in mind.

Moving to the inside of the action cam, the HERO9 Black features a 20MP sensor that can video at 5K30p and 4K60p. GoPro is using its third-generation Hypersmooth 3.0 technology as well as improved versions of its Superphoto and HDR technology. Raw photo capture is still possible, as well as 1080p livestreaming, inclusion of data overlays in footage and plenty of slow-motion modes (1080p at 240 frames per second).

GoPro says the HERO9 Black will have 30% better battery life than the HERO8 Black and is waterproof down to 10m (33ft). The HERO9 Black is also compatible with over 40 of GoPro’s mods and accessories for decking out the camera to fit your photo and video needs.

The GoPro HERO9 Black is available today for $450 as a standalone purchase. If you purchase a year’s subscription to GoPro though — a subscription from GoPro that offers total camera replacement, unlimited cloud storage and discounts on gear — you can snag a HERO9 Black for $350.

The Max Lens Mod isn’t yet available for purchase, but the GoPro website says it will retail for $100 and offers an option to submit your email on the product page for more information when it becomes available.