Accessory maker Nomad has announced new smartphone cases in its Rugged line. The new models are available for all Apple iPhone 11 models as well as the Google Pixel 4 and feature an integrated mount for Moment lenses.

In a press release, Nomad said:

Our newest cases are Moment compatible. Meaning, they are the same style and quality you've come to expect from Nomad but now with an integrated Moment mounting plate. These will be available for all iPhone 11 models as well as Google Pixel 4 phones.

According to Nomad the cases are designed to withstand drops from up to six feet height and available in two colors, black or brown Horween Leather. They also come with a lanyard attachment point.

The lens mount allows you to attach any lens from premium accessory lens makers Moment, which includes an 18mm wide-angle, a 15mm fisheye, an anamorphic lens, a macro lens, and a 58mm tele lens, making the Nomad lenses an interesting alternative to Moment's own cases.

The cases are available now form the Nomad website for $50.