Beamr, the software company behind the content-aware JPEGmini image compression application, has introduced an extension for Adobe Photoshop. Dubbing it the 'The Save For Web button Adobe should've made', the company claims the extension will save users time and produce better results than Adobe’s default Save For Web settings.

JPEGmini is an image compression package that analyzes individual sectors of an image and applies different degrees of compression to each sector according to its content. The designers claim that its compression results in no visible degradation of the image, but that it can reduce file sizes by up to 80% while 'preserving their full resolution and quality.' The smaller files save space on a hard drive and are also lighter for emailing and web hosting, according to the company.

The Photoshop extension comes as part of the JPEGmini Pro bundle, along with a plug-in for Lightroom, which costs $99. Photoshop CC 2015.1 is required to use the extension. For more information visit the JPEGmini website and read our test of a previous version of the software