Photographer Arash Hamidi has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking funds for PiXLIGHT, an off-camera speedlight with a portable, lightweight design and support for smartphones in addition to cameras. The speedlight system collapses down to a small size when not in use, enabling photographers to pack it in the average photography backpack or most bags.

PiXLIGHT weighs 1.6kg (3.5lbs) and measures 203cm (80in) long when setup with its umbrella, which will be available with six and eight ribs. The modeling LED light has a 2.5s recycle time, attaches to a flexible gooseneck with 360-degree swivel support and is capable of 400 full-power flashes per charge; the battery is user-replaceable.

Other features include support for high-speed sync, more than 15 light modifiers, an angle lock on the tripod, remote control and built-in trigger, Bluetooth for connecting to a smartphone in order to control the light's settings, standard USB-C charging and a guide number of 58 at ISO 100.

The Kickstarter campaign, which has exceeded its funding goal, is offering the PiXLIGHT with an umbrella, remote, battery and 'simple bag' for pledges of $249. Other pledge options are also available offering a variety of modifiers without the light, two lights with umbrellas, batteries and a 'special bag' and more. Shipping to backers is estimated to start in July.

Disclaimer: Remember to do your research with any crowdfunding project. DPReview does its best to share only the projects that look legitimate and come from reliable creators, but as with any crowdfunded campaign, there’s always the risk of the product or service never coming to fruition.