This past week, Hunt's Photo and Video, a small camera store located in Manchester, New Hampshire, had thousands of dollars worth of camera gear stolen from its stands and cases overnight.

Detailed in a video produced by NBC10 Boston, CCTV footage shows four thieves breaking through the front of the store with the help of an axe. Once the entrance is cleared, the thieves run inside with four containers and smash the display cases to access the gear. The thieves subsequently fill each container with thousands of dollars in camera equipment and slide them across the floor as they make their way towards the exit.

In less than a minute, the smash and grab netted the thieves more than $50,000 in equipment, according to Mike Mitchell, VP of Hunt's Photo and Video. The high quality CCTV footage captured a partial identification on one of the thieves when their mask was lifted, but hasn't led to any definitive identifications as of the publication of this video.

Four months prior to this break-in, Hunt's experienced a nearly identical break-in wherein the thieves made off with another $50,000 in gear. Local authorities are working alongside Hunt's Photo and Video to identify and capture the suspects and believe the two break-ins are related to each other.

DPReview has contacted Hunt's for more information on what was stolen and what the serial numbers are. This article will be updated accordingly if Hunt's responds with the information.