Broncolor, maker of photography lighting equipment, has launched a 'How To' section on its website, including some helpful diagrams detailing the lighting setups used to create a variety of sample photographs. The tutorials cover many shooting scenarios, including portraits, outdoor scenes and product photography. Both written and video guides are offered.

The how-to content on Broncolor's website is provided free of charge. There is, for example, a 20-part video how-to series detailing lighting with topics like 'Cutlery,' 'White on White,' 'Still Life,' and 'Baseball swing,' among others. Photographers seeking details on using specific lighting products can find guides under the site’s ‘Use this Light Shaper’ section, and there’s also a two-part ‘Eye school’ section detailing types of lighting. 

The full array of how-to content can be found here.

Via: DIYPhotography