Chinese optics manufacturer 7Artisans has announced its latest lens, a gold-adorned 35mm F5.6 manual focus pancake lens for Leica M mount camera systems.

The ultra-thin lens is constructed of five elements in four groups, including two ultra-low dispersion elements. It has a fixed F5.6 aperture but somehow manages to squeeze in a manual focus system (30cm to infinity) that’s controlled via a small lever on the lens. As for size, the lens measures on 21.75mm (.8") thick (including the mount), 60mm in diameter and weighs only 128g (4.5oz and just under nine Oreos1).

The 7Artisans 35mm F5.6 lens is available to purchase through 7Artisan’s Amazon shop for $195. Included with the lens is a front lens cap, a rear lens cap, a lens bag and a mini air blower for keeping the lens clean.

1 Oreos aren't a new standard of measurement, for either dimensions or mass, but we couldn't let the meme die out yet.