digiKam is an open-source photo management application that runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS platforms and comes with tools for importing, managing, editing and sharing photos and Raw files.

Now version 6.0.0 of digiKam has been released after a 2-year development phase and comes with a heap of new features and improvements.

The biggest news is that the software can now also handle video files, offering many of the importing, sharing and editing functions that are also available for still image. Videos can also be played back without the need for an external player.

In addition import/export web-service tools are now available across all modules in digiKam - LightTable, Image editor and Showfoto. The same is true for other tools, such as metadata and geolocation editors, allowing for a more seamless user experience.

There are also new tools to export your images directly to Pinterest as well as the Microsoft OneDrive and Box cloud storage services, and the Raw engine has been updated to process images from a long list of new cameras and smartphone.

In addition to the new features the digiKam team says it has been able to clean the applications code in order to simplify application compilation, packaging and maintenance for the future.

For a full list of new features and supported cameras, download links and more detail about the work that has gone into the update, head over to the digiKam website.