2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards
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2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards

Recently the winners and runners up were announced for the 2021 Natural Landscape Photography Awards. 1,300 photographers from 47 countries submitted 13,368 images to this year's competition. A panel of 8 judges, including well-known landscape photographers Joe Cornish and William Neill, selected Utah, USA-based Eric Bennett as the overall winner.

This competition set out some particular standards, mainly that images containing 'deceptive digital editing techniques' would not qualify. 'As a photographer who strives to show people the value of wilderness, I have always enjoyed seeing and creating more subtle and personal photographs that portray nature in a realistic manner.

As these kinds of images tend to have a quieter impact, they often end up being largely ignored in most photography competitions....I decided to submit my photographs for the Natural Landscape Awards because I liked that the competition was focused on awarding images based on composition, lighting, and originality as opposed to post-processing techniques or outlandish compositing,' Bennett explains.

$20,000 in prizes, including Canon cameras and printers, will be distributed to the winners. The entire 2021 Competition Gallery can be viewed on the Nautral Landscape Awards website.