Lucky owners of the new iPhone X have a tempting new camera app option. The newest update to Halide (v1.5) features a new interface designed from scratch for the iPhone X—one that positions all of the controls near the bottom where they're within thumb's reach. Additionally, Halide leverages the iPhone X display's 'ears' on either side of the top notch, using that space to display a histogram and exposure values.

Halide 1.5 is designed to optimally use the phone's long OLED display, as well as its rear cameras, offering support for depth capture as well as a clean interface that provides an unobstructed viewfinder. The new interface is designed to be used with one hand on the iPhone X, though the update does bring 'a more ergonomic experience' to older iPhones as well.

Existing Halide users can download the 1.5 update for free, while new users can buy the app for a discounted $3 rate through the iPhone X launch weekend, after which the price will revert to the usual $5.