Ilford Photo has posted a teaser on Twitter that appears to show the launch date of an upcoming release (or re-release) of a film stock.

In addition to a release date and time — 3pm (unknown time zone) on October 24, 2019 — Ilford shared four silhouetted images of different film formats. The obvious ones are the 35mm film canister, the roll of 120 film and the vertical 8 x 10 image. But the image with the black background isn't as clear as the others, although the silhouette does depict a rectangle with what appears to have a 4:3 aspect ratio.

There's plenty of speculation as to what this tweet is teasing, but Ilford Photo isn't giving away any hints (aside from the fact it's not 'IlfoColor'), so it looks like we won't know for sure for another ten days.