Instagram has announced Checkout, a new feature that is not directly imaging-related, but should still be of importance to many users. Checkout will allow users to purchase goods and services from Instagram business accounts without leaving the app and finalizing the transaction in another app or browser.

After tapping on a product page users will be able to select sizes, colors, and other product characteristics and make payments inside Instagram. Previously they would have redirected to the retailer's website for these actions.

Instagram says it will "securely" save your name, email as well as billing and shipping information after your first order. This information package will be stored and managed by parent company Facebook but only be used by Instagram for the time being.

Checkout is currently in closed beta and only available to users in the USA. Participating brands include Adidas, Burberry, H&M, MAC Cosmetics, Nike and Zara. The current list of brands will be expanded soon. Retailers are charged a selling fee by Instagram for the service.