A portion of FoodShareFilter app sales go to Manos Unidas, a charity aimed at fighting hunger.
You can snap a photo within the app or import one from your library, the position it within FoodShareFilter's messaged round frame.

Snapping a shot of your plate is a popular part of today's restaurant ritual. We seem hungry to not only document what we're eating but to show the world as well.

A new app is asking you to share your food on a new different level. A portion of the sales of FoodShareFilter, available in the App Store and Google Play, go to the Spanish NGO Manos Unidas, a charity aimed at fighting hunger. For every purchase from the App Store, the charity receives 0,35€; from Google Play the amount is 0,26€.

The use of the word "filter" is a bit of a misnomer. You'll snap a new photo with the app or import one from your library and then place it within FoodShareFilter's circular frame. You're then directed to share the image via Instagram (where you can add a filter if you wish). A message below your photo explains the app's mission to your followers: "This photo helps millions of people not to suffer from hunger. If you are going to share your food, share it for real."

FoodShareFilter asks us to call attention to global hunger problems while we flaunt our elaborate meals online -- but perhaps a small contribution to a good cause will help us feel justified in doing so? Nevertheless, the app presents a clever messaging and fundraising strategy to be replicated by other charitable organizations.

You can see the app in action below: