A couple of weeks ago we wrote about a new Microsoft technology that turns shaky first-person camera footage into a stabilized hyperlapse video. While the initial results looked quite promising Microsoft could not provide a time frame for an official release of the technology in a mobile app or desktop software package.

Now it seems Instagram has beaten Microsoft to market. Today the makers of one of the most popular mobile image sharing app have announced Instagram Hyperlapse for iOS. The app converts videos of up to 45 minutes (10 minutes on the iPhone 4) into smooth and stable time-lapses with a speed of up to 12x faster than the original. The process is very simple, no account is needed and no settings have to be adjusted. Users simply open the app and start shooting. 

Petapixel reports that Hyperlapse started as a side project of a small team at Instagram but initial results were so popular with the the entire office that the decision was made to turn it into a product. The app uses less complex technology than Microsoft and simply grabs spacial position data from the phone’s gyroscope to stabilize your videos. The same technology is used to digitally stabilize videos in Instagram's main app. Results can be shared straight to Instagram and Facebook.

Due to a lack of required APIs there is currently no Android version of Hyperlapse but we would hope the Instagram developers find a way to work around this limitation sometime in the neare future. iOS users however can head over to the iTunes Store now to install and try the app. Watch the videos in this article for samples and more information about the technology.

Source: Instagram | Via: Petapixel