Analogue photography brand Dubblefilm has introduced a pair of new effects films with partner Kono!. Named Bubblegum and Monsoon, the latest in a line of pre-colored emulsions work at opposite ends of the spectrum—with Bubblegum injecting lots of orange warmth and Monsoon creating a cool cyan/blue effect.

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Dubblefilm describes Monsoon as having "added tone producing deep colours inspired by the freshness of a post-monsoon rain," while Bubblegum produces "sweet colour too [sic] spark your visual taste buds." Monsoon seems to be very popular, as it has already sold out on the Dubblefim site, though it is still available on Kono! as of this writing.

An example shot with Bubblegum Monsoon produces a much cooler result

The films are created from existing film stock made by Kono!, some of it unusual, which is then passed through a machine named The Reanimator. This machine pre-exposes the film to deliver the characteristic effects of each stock. The films are all C-41 process color negative emulsions and can be handled by a standard mini-lab. Dubblefilm says "Results will vary depending on shooting conditions," but that you should "expect something truly surprising every time."

The films are priced at £11/€12/$16 for a 35mm roll of 24 exposures. For more information, visit the Kono! and Dubblefilm websites.