Software provider Corel has updated its PaintShop Pro X8 image manipulation program to include more help and guidance to enable users to find their way around the tools and features of the application. A new welcome screen has been added to version X8.1 that offers links to tutorials and inspirational features, as well as to partner paid-for content from the online training site Udemy. The idea is to help photographers get more from the program by making it clear what tools are available and how they should be used. 

The application features links to on-line training company Udemy

The update also brings what Corel describes as 'performance enhancements' across the application, but especially faster brush speeds. The company claims nine brushes, including Paintbrush, dodge/burn and clone, are now on average twice as fast, while the Wet Paint brush is four times faster than it was previously. There are also over 100 additional enhancements that the company has made based on feedback from its user community. 

On the download page of the Corel website there is a list of ten issues that the new version addresses, including color problems with Raw files from the Nikon D810. 

Issues addressed

  • Burn Brush: Fixed edge result (previously showed darker result along brush edges)
  • Color Replacer: No color bleed when using the Round brush to fill shapes
  • Text wrapping: Left and Center alignment results fixed. Stability improved when saving layered text wrapping files to a .pspimage format compatible with legacy versions of PaintShop Pro.
  • Nikon D810: Fixed raw image color issue
  • Resize dialog box: Now retains settings last used for Based on One Side
  • Magic Move in scripts: Fixed reported issues related to accurate rendering of script commands
  • Material Properties palette: Improved stability when adding custom swatches
  • Organizer palette: Restored drag-and-drop functionality between the palette and the workspace
  • Script selection: Fixed script selection issue in the Batch Process dialog box
  • Adjust workspace: Restored ability to set Save As option once per session (dialog box does not open for each photo edited)

The update is free to download and install for current users of PaintShop Pro X8 and X8 Ultimate. Suggested retail pricing (SRP) for PaintShop Pro X8 is $79.99 (USD/CAN) / EUR 69.99 / £59.99 / $99.95 AUD. Qualifying registered users can purchase for the upgrade price of $59.99 (USD/CAN) / EUR 49.99 / £44.99 / $69.95 AUD. 

SRP for PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate is $99.99 (USD/CAN) / EUR 89.99 / £79.99/ $129.95 AUD. Qualifying registered users can purchase for the upgrade price of $79.99 (USD/CAN) / EUR 69.99 / £64.99 / $89.95 AUD.

For more information visit the PaintShop Pro website

Press release: 

Free PaintShop Pro X8 Update Adds In-App Learning With New Ways to Access Complementary Tools & Content, Plus Increased Performance

X8.1 brings dramatic brush acceleration and performance enhancements app-wide

Today, Corel announced the latest update to its photo-editing and graphic design software, PaintShop® Pro X8.1. This release introduces the Welcome Guide, an all-new in-app learning tool that makes it easier than ever to access helpful tips and tricks. Users will also find new ways to discover content to enrich the PaintShop Pro experience, plus significant performance enhancements app-wide, including major improvements to brush speeds. The X8.1 update is available now and is free to all registered users of PaintShop Pro X8. 

New Welcome Guide & Add-on Content 

Continuing PaintShop Pro's drive to make photo editing and graphic design more accessible, the new Welcome Guide makes getting started quick and easy. Fire up X8.1 and you are presented with a dedicated window linking to several tutorials and new project ideas. 

Users can now discover additional brushes, plug-ins, complementary programs, and plenty more to extend PaintShop Pro's already strong photo and design toolkit, with new tools and content to be added on an ongoing basis. The new features in X8.1 come as part of Corel's commitment to deliver continuous updates and improvements to PaintShop Pro without requiring a subscription. 

"A lot of people get intimidated when using a full-fledged photo-editor, often because they don't know where to start," says Greg Wood, Senior Product Director for Photo at Corel. "We want everyone to feel comfortable when they open PaintShop Pro, even if it's their first time. The new Welcome Guide provides users with video and training content to help them explore PaintShop Pro's many features, as well as direct access to a brand new learning series from our friends at Udemy." 

Faster Brushes & Performance Enhancements 

PaintShop Pro X8.1 also delivers major performance improvements, including dramatically accelerated brush speeds when working with larger images. Nine brushes, including the Paintbrush, Dodge/Burn, Clone and others have seen an average improvement of 2x faster than before, with the Paintbrush's Wet Paint look getting a boost of up to 4x faster! 

Building on PaintShop Pro's performance, this latest update also includes more than 100 enhancements based on feedback from the PaintShop Pro user community. For more details on the latest improvements to PaintShop Pro X8, please visit our updates page for additional info.