Meyer Optik has an active Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for its new Trioplan 35+ Fine Art Lens, and though 22 days remain in that campaign, backers have already well exceeded the company's $50,000 base funding goal. As a reward for the high amount pledged (about $480,000 total at the moment), Meyer Optik has announced the launch of a new limited edition reward: green, red, blue and titanium versions of the Trioplan lens.

According to Meyer Optik, it took a total of six minutes post-launch for the Kickstarter campaign to reach its $50,000 funding goal. Over the following week, the Kickstarter went on to raise in excess of $420,000, and the company has launched the special Kickstarter stretch reward as a result. Says company CEO Dr. Stefan Immes, ‘The new colors are strictly limited in quantity and, therefore, [are] a real collector’s item.'

The crowdfunding campaign now includes pledge options for the new colors, of which 50 units are available per color. All four special ‘super limited color edition’ Trioplan lenses are priced at $799 and are estimated to ship to backers this upcoming November.

Via: Photography Blog