Nikon EH-7P charger

Nikon Japan has announced, via a product notice, that its Z7 and Z7 II camera systems will no longer come with the previously included EH-7P AC power adapter, due to issues with sourcing components as a result of the global semiconductor shortage.

The omission of the EH-7P charger, which enables in-camera battery charging via the cameras' USB-C ports, will go in effect tomorrow, July 1. This change will not affect the MH-25A charger, which will still be included with Z7 and Z7 II purchases.

Nikon MH-25A power adapter

Nikon says this decision was made due to ‘the global semiconductor supply problem these days’ and ‘because it is difficult to procur some electronic components.’

Nikon concludes the notice saying ‘We will do our best to deliver better products to our customers in the future, so we appreciate your understanding.’